The Great App List

Here is a list of useful apps for learning Japanese.  Suggestions for additional apps welcomed.

Anki – the queen of all spaced repetition flashcard apps.  Free. Android, iOS

Human Japanese – an excellent eText available for a low price and with a free trial.  As of this writing there is a beginner version and an intermediate version available. Android, iOS

imiwa? – a dictionary and more – speech, sentence analysis, kanji, kana, personal notes.  Free.  (Thanks nahcirn) iOS

Innovative – app.  The website charges a subscription fee. Android, iOS

Line –  Send free text messages and make free calls worldwide.  Ad supported.  The ads can be removed with a paid option.  Android, iOS

Memrise – app for the website.  Tons of lessons for learning kanji, kana, vocabulary, etc.   Free. Android, iOS, Windows

Mindsnacks – app for playing vocabulary games.  You get a few lessons for free but others can be purchased. iOS

Sticky Study – a spaced repetition flashcard app.  There are special kana and kanji versions, but you can also make your own flashcards or import them from quizlet.  Low cost. iOS

Takoboto – Japanese dictionary and language learning tool.  Look up words by roumaji, kana or kanji.  For each word you can get the translation, the reading, the meanings of the individual kanji, stroke order for the kanji and sample sentences.  Free.  Android, IOS

TuneIn – app for the free website.  Lets you listen radio stations in a variety of languages.  No lessons.  Android, iOS

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