The Summer Festival

This past weekend, I went to the 夏祭り (summer festival).  It was a roaring success, and, because it was so successful, it wasn’t very good.


The problem seems to have been that they got about 10 times as many people as they were actually expecting, so the space was overcrowded and they started running out of food just a couple of hours in to the seven hour event.

food crowd

At this point, there is still a line wrapped around the building of people waiting to get in!

First you stand in line for food coupons, and then you have to stand in a separate line for each food item that you want to try.  The short food lines still took 20-30 minutes, and some of the longer lines over an hour.  Sadly, I didn’t get to try any of the top items on my list.

We did get some edamame and some curry rice.


And we also managed to get some onigiri and miso soup.


And the food that we got was all homemade and delicious.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t see any of the cultural events because of the crowd, and you couldn’t actually hear anything because the sound of so many people talking was louder than the PA system!

So, the summer festival was definitely a mixed bag.  This was apparently their first time holding it indoor, and they badly miscalculated how many people would come, but, live and learn, right?



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