And Now For Something Not Completely Different

So…I was walking along, minding my own business, studying some Japanese.

I finished this book:


And the original idea was that I would the move on to this one:


(It’s bigger in real life.)

In fact, that book is currently hanging out in my bag of stuff, waiting for me to get around to it.  Unfortunately, it’s going to have wait till next year, because I got this idea.  Probably a stupid idea.  It’s this:


So, during my lesson on Saturday with my Cafetalk tutor, who, by the way, thinks that this insane idea is a great idea and is thus encouraging my in my madness…you know, this sentence is getting a bit long and unwieldy.  Maybe I should start over and leave a bit out.

So, during my lesson on Saturday with my Cafetalk tutor, we talked about putting the orange book aside for awhile and focusing on the test.

So I am studying the vocabulary from this book:

quick mastery of vocabulary - in preparation for jlpt n3- 1

without actually having the book.  I am using a course on Memrise based on the book and have been doing so for some time.

And I am going over grammar using this book:


And, of course, I am interested in a study schedule, so I asked my aforementioned tutor how many grammar items I should learn.  Her suggestion was 20 per week, which boils down to 3 or 4 a day.  That doesn’t sound so bad.

And, she said (in Japanese, mind you) for each grammar point that you learn, you should write several sentences using that grammar point.  Then we’ll go over the sentences together during the lesson.

So, with five months to go, I am well into the vocabulary and I studied four grammar points today, three of which were new to me and one of which I already knew.

And I still think this is a crazy idea, but I appear to be doing it.

Wish me luck!

Actually, I shouldn’t say that, since, when my daughter asked me to wish her luck on a test once, I did, but the I followed it up with “But it isn’t about luck, it’s about good preparation ahead of time.”

So, wish me good preparation.

頑張って (and I’ll do the same!)



4 thoughts on “And Now For Something Not Completely Different

  1. Books, books, books! That’s a lot of study material! Think of all the Japanese you’ll know when you get through it….

    I wish you good preparation!


    • I appreciate it. Thank you. You’re right, though. I hadn’t quite thought about it that way, somehow. Pass or fail, I should know a whole lot of Japanese by the time the test rolls around!


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