A New Book

I got a new book.  It looks like this:


日本語パワードリル – Japanese Language Power Drill

N3文法 – N3 grammar

My Cafetalk tutor told me that it was a good book but very difficult.  She was at least right about the second part.  I think she was right about the first part, two, but I won’t know until I dig into the book a little more, as I only got it two days ago and haven’t had much chance to really look at it yet.

Here’s the basic structure of the book:

First it has a few question examples, with the answers given and explained.

This is followed by skills development, consisting of

-grammar in the sentence section I

-grammar forms by semantic function

-ensuring correct use of grammar forms

-grammar in the sentence section 2

-grammar in longer text

-mock test

Well, that ought to keep me busy.

I have looked over the first section which largely consists of grammar explanations, with related forms being put side by side.  This means that you hit several forms that are similar but not quite the same all at once, which can be a bit confusing.

Still, it looks like a book that will reward solid effort, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I cam continuing to plow my way through N3 vocabulary and have downloaded some different N3 listening apps which I will comment on after I’ve had a chance to really start using them.

Well, time to get to work.



3 thoughts on “A New Book

    • Hey, I’ve had a chance to dig into the first video. Really nice. Hard in places, mind you, but really nice, and hearing the grammar explanations in Japanese is outstanding. It definitely takes close attention, but I’m loving it. I’ll had to add that to the website list!

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