All Japanese

This week, to the extent that I can, I am going all Japanese.  Obviously, my work has to be in English, and the time that I spend with my family will be in English.  But, when I am alone, I will talk to myself in Japanese.  I will only listen to Japanese music.  I will only watch Japanese TV/movies/anime and I will watch it out without subtitles.  And, for me that hardest part, I will only attempt to read in Japanese.

Generally, I have a novel with me everywhere I got.  Well, for this week, it will have to be something in Japanese.

That also means that any blog entries I make this week – after this one, of course – will be in Japanese.

I saw an article on a language website about a guy who spent a month without English.  I’ll be honest – I didn’t read the article.  I can’t spend a month without English while living where I live and doing my job.  But I can, within the limits set above, spend some time every day without English.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a lot harder than I think.  It may, at times, be a lot more boring than I think.  Maybe I can finish that detective novel that I’m reading today, since I will start my week tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



2 thoughts on “All Japanese

  1. I would be interested to know which novel/book you decided to read in Japanese. When I go to bookshops in Japan, all I find is childish books (which I understand) with one sentence per page and big drawings, or pre-teen books for which I have to learn ~100 kanji per page… I bought The Little Prince in dual-langage (one page in French, one page in English) but even if the translation helps, there are still way too many words I don’t understand to make it enjoyable to read it. So, if even The Little Prince is too complicated, I wonder what you’re reading !


    • Ghibliの映画の本を読む。振り仮名がある。なにしてもよく辞書を使わなければなりません。時々イライラする。よくSatoriReaderをつくる。本を読むのはとてもむずかしいだね。このレベルでよい選択肢がない。

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