Takoboto is a handy dictionary.  It is available as a website and as an app.  If you look up a word on the website, you get something like this:


Pretty cool.

In the app, you can turn off the languages that you don’t want.

I particularly like that you can see what each character in the word means.  That really helps you learn to recognize characters when you see them again.

You can search for words in English (and, I assume, the other languages represented, although the English dictionary is the most comprehensive) and in Japanese by roumaji, kana or kanji.

And, you can search for Kanji by radical.


Also, although this is obvious, I find it funny that the word “verb” is a noun.

Find good tools and use them.





3 thoughts on “Takoboto

  1. Wow ! That’s quite useful ! I used to search online on jisho.org but it is quite slow compared to Takoboto. Also, I’m stuck with an old Nokia with Windows Phone 8 so I was limited in the available good apps ! ありがとうございます!


  2. Open the app. In the upper right corner are some different symbols – a heart, Facebook, etc. One of these is three dots. Click on that to open a menu. Then click in settings. When that opens, you see various languages, each with a check box. Click on the box to uncheck each language you don’the want. I hope that helps!


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