I met with a new language exchange partner on Skype yesterday, and he told me about an app called Line.  It is supposed to let you make free voice calls and send free text messages around the world.  The app itself was free, so I downloaded it and have been texting my new friend in Japan.  (In an odd bit of synchronicity, the day before yesterday I started getting a series of emails from a site (I can’t remember which one!) about texting in Japanese.

Anyway, back to line.  I tried the phone call part, but there are a few catches.  First, you have to watch an ad before you can make a call.  (There is a paid option to eliminate the ads.)  Second, you can only make 5 calls a day.  Third, you cannot call cell phones, only landlines.  That last catch defeated me, since my friend only has a cell phone, so I can’t say anything about the call quality.

Still, I’m getting to text in Japanese, which is fun.  In fact, our deal is that he only texts in English and I only text in Japanese and we correct each other’s mistakes.

That works.





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