Yesterday…And Today

Yes, that was a mildly obscure Beatles reference in the title.  The point, though, is that I know more Japanese today than I did yesterday.  Do you?  That isn’t meant to sound smug.  Lots and lots of people know more Japanese that I do, and lots of people learn better and faster than I do.  I’m not worried about them.  I’m only concerned with making progress.  How are your studies going?

I woke up early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I knocked out my Memrise vocabulary.  The first section of N3 vocabulary was kind of difficult.  It was terms related to time, and a lot of them have very similar meanings.  The comes the Kanji for those words.  After that, family.  That one was a snap, since I already knew a lot of the words.  Then came the Kanji for those words, which was also a snap, since most of them make great sense.

For example:  姉妹 (しまい) means sisters.  The Kanji for it is made of two characters:  姉 (あね) which is “older sister” and 妹 (いもうと) which means “younger sister”.  So, you put them together and gets “sister”.  Of course you do.  The Kanji for “brothers” works the same way.

We like it when things make sense!

I have a little extra free time this afternoon, and I intend to spend some of it reviewing grammar, some of it doing homework and some of it flat out goofing off.  All work and no play…

Oh, and the gift that keeps on giving continues to keep on giving.  Conversation exchange has yielded yet another language exchange partner.  What am I up to now?  10, I think.  That’s 住人 to us language learners.



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