I Don’t Wanna!

Well, there’s a lesson in this, and probably a very good one.

I just don’t feel like studying Japanese today.  After all, I’m really doing it for fun (or personal enrichment, if that sounds better) so why should I do it if I don’t feel like it?

The answer to that is because I do want to be able to say that I know more Japanese today than I did yesterday.  Reviewing vocabulary had become a standard part of my morning.  It has become a habit, so I did it anyway.

Look, sometimes you do need a day off, and that’s important, but I prefer to take a day off from studying because I decide.  I don’t like taking a day off just because my brain doesn’t want the exercise.  Those days when I just don’t feel like making the effort are rare, but, they do happen.

That’s when having made studying Japanese a habit really shows its power.  I do it anyway.  Yesterday I loved studying Japanese.  Tomorrow (or later today, who knows) I’ll love studying Japanese again.

Today’s grammar point is -わけではない, which, to be honest, I don’t fully understand yet.  It looks like it is used to deny appearances to to deny what might be a commonly expect result.  I think.

日曜日は休みだが、暇なわけでわない。 (日曜日はやすみだが、ひまなわけでわない。)

Sunday is a day off but I am not free.  It might even have the implication of even though Sunday is a day off…

Yesterday wall about あいだ and あいだに which is used to indicate that, while you are doing, something else happens either repeatedly (あいだ) or not repeatedly (あいだに)。

I started this blog to keep myself motivated, but here’s another benefit.  Having written about where I’m at with Japanese has made my fingers itch to tackle my home.

So, now I do wanna.






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