Be Brave

And this has been a Japanese kind of weekend.  I now have 8 people on my contact list, which is probably too many to talk to.  However, in the past 48 hours, I have had conversations with 6 different Japanese speakers, some of the time in English and some of the time in Japanese, so my brain has gotten quite a workout.

My favorite was probably an older gentleman who’s English is at a pretty low level.  (Not as low a level as he thinks it is, mind you, which I suspect is a common problem with language learners – we underestimate our own abilities).

Why was he my favorite?  Because the idea of video chat pretty much terrified him.  He was fine with typing because he could count on google translate to help him out, but speaking was a whole different ball game.

But he did it anyway, and that’s the point.

Our conversation was short, and, early on, he asked me if I could speak Japanese.  When I answered him with a few sentences 日本語で, his relief was palpable, but he never fell back on Japanese, and he hung in there for awhile.

Well done to him!

Yes, trying to speak with someone in a language that you feel weak in can be scary, but you have to do it anyway.

Have to?

Well, if you actually want to learn the language, yes.

I really admire him for having a go at it despite being so nervous.  He was worried but willing to give it a go.


Let’s be just like him.



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