A New Book


I wish that image was larger, but…it isn’t.

First Japanese Reader A Beginner Dual Language Book by Nihongo Kyouiku.  Of course, the “author” is just the roumaji form of 日本語教育 which means “Japanese Language Education”.

This is a book of folk tales, but the layout of the book is good.

First, you get the complete story, with no aids to navigation whatsoever.  That is, no furigana, no translation, nothing.

This is followed by an English translation.  I haven’t actually looked at the translations yet, but the book says that they are rather more literal than usual to make it easier to relate it back to the Japanese.

This is followed by the story again, this time broken up into small pieces, usually a couple of sentences.  After each section is a vocabulary list (including readings for the Kanji).

This is followed by a thorough explanation of the grammar used in those sentences.  The grammar, by the way, is about what you’d get after finishing みんなの日本語 1 and 2.  The grammar explanations in this book are pretty good, though.

I’m still reading the first story.  It had a lot of new vocabulary for me, but I’m enjoying it.  I like short stories because you can finish one in a relatively short time.  (Remember, we like obtainable short term goals!)



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