Still Reviewing

I am going over all the vocabulary and grammar from Chapters 1-4 as well as learning the vocabulary from Chapter 5.  The vocabulary is simply, since I created a Memrise course for the book and have been inputting the vocabulary as I go.

Each chapter of 中級へ行こう starts with a short essay.  Chapter 1:  ファストフード (fast food).  Chapter 2:  地震 (earthquake).  Chapter 3:  最近の子供 (kids today).  Chapter 4:  日本のイメージ (Japan’s image).  Chapter 5:  睡眠 (sleep).

The essay makes extensive use of the grammar and vocabulary from the chapter, so, if I can read and understand the essay, I’m doing pretty well with that chapter.  I read the essay and then, just to be thorough, I skim through the grammar descriptions and, if needed, double check the essay and see how they’re used.  I have done Chapter 1 and started Chapter 2.  I should have plenty of time to finish all four chapters this evening.

I have already begun work on Chapter 5 – worked my way through the essay, studied most of the grammar, done a chunk of the homework – so tomorrow I’ll review vocabulary and dig back into that chapter.

You know what’s nice?  Not being sick!  That’s nice.  Studying Japanese is really my main hobby now, I guess, and not being able to do it was frustrating.  I’m enjoying being able to dig back into it.



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