Well, That Was Fun…

Today someone asked me, “Are you still studying Japanese?”

Of course!

Mind you, I had a week of being really sick, during which I basically studied…well…nothing.  Seeing how sick I was, my Cafetalk tutor was willing to put my lesson off, but I figured that, if nothing else, a little chatting in Japanese would be helpful.  I said, “If I can chat in Japanese when I’m sick, that’ll show I’ve really learned something.”

This was followed by a week of still being sick and very gradually recovering, during which time I studied a bit, but not very much.  At least I had some homework to go over during my last lesson!  The homework that I did, I did well, so that counts for something, I suppose.

And that brings me to this week.  Step one was getting caught up with my vocabulary.  I had ab out 500 words sitting in the wings waiting to be reviewed, and I knocked that out on Saturday and Sunday.  Today, I will be digging into the Chapter 5 vocabulary and then reviewing all the main grammar points from chapters 1-5 and finishing the Chapter 5 homework.

And, yes, that sounds like a lot, even to me, but that’s what I’m doing.  It’s lunchtime as I write this.  I will probably take my book to lunch with with me and read over the grammar points while I eat.  This evening:  vocabulary.

The real question is, after work, when I am perched on the dreaded spin bike, since it’s still too cold and windy to ride outside, what will I do?  I could take vocabulary lists with me to look at, I suppose.  The spin bike is boring now matter how you look at it, so having some vocabulary to review might help keep my brain from melting due to sheer boredom.

Of course, there is WfFi at the fitness center, so I could listen to some nice Japanese podcasts or something, too.

Either way, boring time can become study time, and that’s a good thing.



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