Chapter 5

Yep.  I have reached Chapter 5 of 中級へ行こう.  After I finish this chapter (in about two weeks) I will be half way through the book, and that means that I should probably go ahead and order the next book to give it plenty of time to arrive from Japan.  Right now I’m in the red book, and the next two books are all different colors.  I forget which color comes next.

Each chapter has a theme, and this one appears to be about not getting enough sleep, either because of insomnia or business.  The grammar looks relatively straight forward, based on one quick glance, but there is a lot of vocabulary.

One of the things I like about this book (but which some people may hate) is that the furigana disappear rapidly.

You know about furigana, right?  It’s those little hiragana that appear above a kanji (and sometimes above katakana) to tell you how to read it.  Like this:


They pop up in the vocabulary, and they are included the first couple of times a kanji appears but, after that, you’re on your own.  I like it, because I don’t want to depend on furigana.  I want them there right at the beginning when I need them, but then I want them to go away, which is exactly what this book does.

Of course, sometimes I wish they were back again, when I see a kanji that I should know but can’t quite remember…but it’s better for them to be gone.

The second thing that this book does which I hate like is that the grammar explanations are gradually depending less and less one explanations in English.  Yes, that does make it harder, but it also makes it more satisfying when I figure it out.

Let’s face it, if I want to learn Japanese, then I need to go ahead and learn it, which means not relying on furigana or English to help me out so much.

And now, back to work.



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