Spirited Away Page 4

Page 4 of Spirited Away was easy in that there were only a few sentences but challenging in that there were a lot of words I didn’t know.

Here is the text, with stuff I had to look up highlighted.


The forest, dim,steadily deeply becoming with you desu meaning that this is an observation acquired through the speakers own senses.

So how about something like, The forest became steadily dimmer the deeper they went.  You just have to absolutely love Japanese!

道たの, こけむした石造に千尋は、ぎくつとしました

the road went by, a mossy stone Chihiro was impressed

The road passed by a mossy stone that impressed Chihiro.

By the way, score another one for learning the Kanji.  I recognized 石 as “stone” from that.


Even though there isn’t anything like said in here, obviously Dad said or yelled or cried, “A tunnel!”


red gate のような building in front of, the brakes ふめました.

The のような makes this a building like a red gate.  I think.  I should know that one, but I guess I need to review it to make sure.  I left ふめました in kana because I didn’t actually look it up.  It obviously applies to him hitting or applying or using or slamming on the breaks.

So how about something like “A tunnel!” Dad cried, hitting the brakes in front of a building like a red gate.


from here onwards, by car, it doesn’t enter

So, I’m going with From that point on, they could no go by car with the implication being that the car would not fit through the 門.

And this is why I’m only doing a page a day!  I have to look up some words, I have to work out some grammar, and, sometimes, I just have to twist the whole thing around until it makes some kind of sense.

I copy the pages and print them out so that I can write notes, maybe draw lines between words, mark grammar structures, all kinds of things on them.  Well, I only printed out the first four pages, so it’s time to print some more.  And that’s one more sign of progress!

My homework for this week is already pretty much done, so I’m going to get a bit ahead on that as well as review the vocabulary and study the grammar a bit more.  If I had page 5 of Spirited Away with me, I would certainly start on it, too.  I should have thought ahead.


By the way, here’s the Japanese trailer for Spirited Away, in which you can see the car, the forest, the red gate, the mossy stone and watch お父さん when he ブレーキをふみます。






2 thoughts on “Spirited Away Page 4

  1. すごい。ありがとう。 I read the first couple of lines right away, and it doesn’t look bad at all. And it’s my favorite price (ただ). I should have some time later today to read it properly. I really appreciate it.


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