A Plan

Studying well requires two things.

The first one is, say it with me, consistent daily effort.

The second one is a plan.  Long term goals, short term goals, very short term goals, some degree of organization.

In my case, the degree of organization is provided by my Cafetalk tutor and the textbooks that she uses, but I have to set my own organization up beyond that.

So, the first few days of the week are all about vocabulary.  The rest of the week is all about grammar and homework (and reviewing vocabulary).  Then I throw in extras, such as my current project – reading the book Spirited Away, at least 1 page a day.

I’m not claiming that my plan is the only plan or the best plan, but it’s working for me, and that’s what matters to me right now.

Do you have a plan?  Some good long term, short term or very short term goals?

Here are some of mine from long term to very short term:

Take and pass the JLPT N3 in December (10 months)

Finish the 10 chapter textbook (I am currently in Chapter 4) and move on to the next one (3 and a half months)

Finish Chapter 4 (2 weeks)

Get the first half of Chapter 4 done (1 week)

Learn the vocabulary for Chapter 4 (A couple of days)

Read a page of Spirited Away (Today)

Review vocabulary (Every day!)

Review grammar (Often)

Yes, that’s pretty detailed.  Again, that’s my system.  I’m not saying it should be your system, but I am saying that it helps a lot if you have a plan or organization.

Later on today I will pat myself on the back because I met a goal – I read a page.  I studied some vocabulary.  That’s another pat on the back.  Meeting those little goals keeps me moving toward the big goals.  That’s what works for me.

What works for you?




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