More Spirited Away

I am crawling through page 3 of Spirited Away and I had an odd experience.

Here’s the sentence:  やがて車は、森へつづく一本道にでました。

(All of the Kanji had furigana, and つづく was written in hiragana instead of kanji.)

I did not know the first word やげて which I looked up.  It means eventually or in due time.

車 is an old friend, and then I hit 森.  The furigana gave the reading as もり, so I could have looked it up easily enough, but, way back in the beginning, I spent a few months learning 2,000 Kanji and a basic English meaning for each.

森 was easy to remember, because it is clearly several 木, and, what do you get when you put a bunch of trees together?  A forest or the woods.

So, even though I didn’t know that it was pronounced もり, I did know what it meant.  This is just one of many times learning the Kanji in advance has paid off.

So, since we’ve come this far, I might as well finish the sentence off, just in case anyone other than me is interested.


やがて – Eventually (Again, full disclosure, I had to look that one up)

車は – car, followed by the particle indicating that it is the subject

森へ – woods, followed by the particle indication direction of travel, so you could make it into the woods or maybe towards the woods

つづく – to continue (The kanji for this one is 続く)

一本 – one followed by the counter for something long and thin such as…

道 – road

に – a particle indicating direction and a whole bunch of other things

でました – the past tense of でる – to go out

So, I’m going to go with something like Eventually, the car continued along a single road into the woods.

I think the assumption about the road is that it is long and thin, perhaps just wide enough for a single car?  Maybe…

To be honest, that sentence wasn’t really that difficult, since it, fortunately, only contained one unknown word, and that word wasn’t essential.  I could have gotten the gist of the sentence without it.  Always nice.

Well, more of page 3 awaits.






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