So, here’s the plot:  a young female student high school student finds herself living in the same house as a slightly older male high school student.  The female is not exactly an overachiever, a little flighty, maybe even a little airheaded.  She has a group of friends.  The male student is one of the top students in the school, very smart, swamped by girls trying to get his attention (who he completely ignores) and is, in fact, kind of a cold-hearted jerk.  He doesn’t really have any friends, though everyone in the school knows who he is.

So, what is the show?

It’s Good Morning Call (グッドモーニング・コール).

Unless it’s Mishchevious Kiss – Love in Tokyo (イタズラなKiss – Love in Tokyo), that is, since the description applies equally well to both.

Now, to be honest, I don’t really care for either one (and, it must be admitted, I am not their target demographic) but there isn’t a whole lot available streaming on Netflix to watch in Japanese that isn’t anime, and I’m determined to watch things in Japanese, either with or without subtitles.  Without subtitles, I miss a whole lot, but I pay more attention to the Japanese, and I do get some of it.

Not that I have anything against anime, but I want to watch real people and hear them talking.

I just bought るろうに剣心 京都大火編 – Rurouni Kenshin:  Kyoto Inferno.  This is part two of a three part live action movie series based on an anime, and, no, I didn’t find Part 1, but the whole Kyoto story arc was my favorite part of the anime, so I was okay with starting with that movie.

You know what’s weird, though?  All the main characters in the movie are Japanese.  I know, that shouldn’t be odd, because everyone in the movie is supposed to be Japanese.

Here they are:


And here they are:

rk-toonAs is not uncommon, the anime characters don’t really look very Japanese, so it was a bit startling to see them in the movie looking very Japanese indeed (as they should).

I’ve only watched the beginning of the movie, but the beginning is outstanding.

Find something to watch.  Especially something which is centered around everyday life, since that will let you hear normal everyday Japanese, and that can only help.



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