Did I do that?

You know what’s really cool?  When a grammatical structure just sort of falls out of your mouth without you having to think about it.  It hasn’t happened to me too often yet with Japanese, but it did this weekend.

On Saturdays, I have my Cafetalk lesson.  On Sundays, I have a language exchange.  I meet up with a Japanese friend in Osaka who is learning English.  We speak for half an hour or so in one language and then switch to the other.

We were speaking in Japanese, and I wanted to say, “I tried watching some Anime…” and, without even really thinking about it, I said, “アニメを見て見ます”.  Now, this was quickly followed by “見て見ます?  Is that right?”  The combination of the two 見 together didn’t sound right to me, but Takesan said, “Yes, that’s right.”

Then I realized that I had just used the て-form 見ます structure almost without thinking about it!  That is very cool.

Alas, this doesn’t make me amazing at Japanese.  Just to prove it, I was watching a movie the other day when 2 Japanese people showed up and had a short (subtitled) conversation in Japanese, and I didn’t understand a single word they said.  Oh, well.

The ultimate goal is to not only speak Japanese but to speak it fluently.  My definition of fluency is to think in the target language as well as to speak it, and using a grammar structure almost automatically is a step in the right direction.

Well, that vocabulary isn’t going to learn itself, so I’d better get some studying done.




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