Who Am I?

One of the things that I had to do this week to was to study the venerable and apparently generally disliked 自己紹介 (じこしょうかい).  Did I hear some of you cringe just then?

For those who haven’t run into this beast yet, a 自己紹介 is a little speech of self introduction.  Probably the best thing to do is to come up with one, commit it to memory and simply recite it verbatim each time.

This isn’t a rule, obviously.  If you’re comfortable with extemporaneous public speaking in Japanese and want to wing it each time, more power to you!

So, what do you put in the 自己紹介?

Well, how about something like this?


Oh, sure, you can vary it with time of day by using こんにちは or something else suitable, but I like はじめまして because it pretty much always works.  Of course, if you want to toss a 皆さん in there, go for it.


Yes, I did use the name “John Smith” for this example.  Should you follow the Japanese custom and give your family name first or the western custom and give your family name last?   There appears to be some question about this.  Also, of course, you’ll notice the 申します.  Yes, it’s time for Keigo.


Well, obviously, our fictional John Smith is from America, but you may not be. Oh, and you could all include your state:


Yes, I used Kansas as the state, simply because I couldn’t resist the thought of someone in the middle of a 自己紹介 thinking “Well, I”m not Kansas anymore.”


Okay, so saying that your hobby is studying Japanese is inexpressibly nerdy.  I just picked that because I figured it might generally apply to anyone who might happen to be reading this.


Generally a good way to wind up.

So, there’s a short and simple 自己紹介.  It got me through the assignment unscathed, anyway!

I had a little bit of leftover Minna no Nihongo – five pages of review…should you use に or を, should you use で or に, what’s the correct form of the adjective to use in this sentence, that sort of thing.  Frankly, it was tough, but I did it this morning while everyone else in the house was still asleep – a great time for homework – and I will send it to my Cafetalk tutor today.

And that means – trumpet flourish please – time to start the new book!

Actually, it more likely means time to get my homework back and make a whole bunch of corrections, but I can still start the vocabulary from the new book.

One we go!





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