Here’s the thing about Keigo…it’s like learning a new language.  Oh, you already known Japanese?  Great!  Now learn Keigo.

Okay, I”m exaggerating, but it kind of feel like it when you look at the vocabulary.

You already know how to say eat, drink, be, go, have, walk…well, no, you don’t actually know how to say those things, because, for keigo, you have to learn all news words for those things a whole host of others.


Don’t forget, if you live in the U.S. you can watch Princess Mononoke in the theater in January 17.  One day it will be shown subtitled and one day dubbed.  Check out fathom events to get the days and find theaters.

Tonight I will have the house to myself (well, apart from the dog, that is) and so it will be all Japanese.  Study time, movie time, listening time, talking to the dog time (hey, there won’t be anyone else there), homework time…everything in Japanese.

I’m in dire need of conversation during the week, so I am going to look online for some language partners who don’t live in Japan.  The time difference between the US and Japan has made it impossible for me to find any language partners who can meet with me during the week.

Wish me luck.



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