This and That

Kudos to White Rabbit Japan.  My new book has arrived.  This one:


I ordered it on November 25th, and it arrived on December 8th.  Not bad at all, considering the distance it had to travel, and it was wrapped well enough that the accompanying cd didn’t get damaged.

I am still in Chapter 48 of Minna No Nihongo, so I won’t need this book for a couple of weeks yet, but it’s nice to have it already.  I’m more than half tempted to pull out the cd and listen to it, but I’m making myself focus on my current Japanese instead.  Oh, and I didn’t think a book could have less English than Minna no Nihongo, but this one does!

Also, Satori reader is no longer in beta.  Of course, that also means that it is no longer free.  Well, there is a limited amount of stuff up for free access, but, at least right now, it isn’t expensive.

I’m still working through causative forms of transitive and intransitive verbs, with some help from nahcirn.  I’m going to reproduce the comment here, because there might some others who could use the same help:

Just remember that が always marks the subject of a verb. If the particle changes when you go from transitive to intransitive or vice versa, it’s precisely because of that fact.   In fact you don’t even need to know which verb is transitive and which is intransitive; if there’s a を, it’s transitive. You could say something like 私がドアを閉めた, “I am the one who shut the door.” And even if you take out the first part and just say ドアを閉めた you know it’s transitive, because the door is a direct object.

Excellent.  Thanks, nahcirn!

My lesson is tomorrow, and I haven’t quite finished my homework yet, largely due to a not unusual problem with Minna No Nihongo:  I’m not quite sure what one of the exercises wants me to do!  Well, I still have a day to beat my head against it and see if I can figure it out.

The distracting problem is that I got another goodie in the mail yesterday along with my new Japanese book:  a dvd course on how to read and sing Gregorian chant.  Sadly, this has nothing at all to do with Japanese, but I really want to watch it, but, with my lesson coming up tomorrow and my homework not quite done, Japanese wins.

And, if you live in the U.S. don’t forget that Fathom Events will be showing Princess Mononoke in theaters around the country on January 5th and January 9th 2017.  And, just to make it extra special fun, while the version on the 9th will be dubbed, the version on the 5th will be in glorious Japanese (with English subtitles)!

Guess which one I want to see?  If I can talk my wife into it, that is.  Mind you, she doesn’t mind subtitles, so it might work out.

You know what’s fun?  Looking back at how far I’ve come after a year or so of studying.  That’s why you don’t ever want to give up.  Sometimes it seems difficult, you’ll have bad days (or weeks!) and good days (and weeks!) but, if you stick with it consistently, you will get there!






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