Reading, Reading, Reading

I have been using the excellent Satori Reader a lot lately.

I also bought the first two graded readers from White Rabbit Japan.  Make no mistake, these are children’s books, but, depending on your reading level, children’s books might be the prefect thing.

The first one is the story of the grasshopper and the ant.


As you can see, it has illustrations, furigana and you can listen to the text read aloud by a native speaker.  This one is at level 0 and is the only level 0 book they have.  At the end, you do have a flashcard section which has the vocabulary and the English translation for study purposes.  This is supposed to be at a JLPT N5 level.

I liked it, so I also bought the next one:  “Why doesn’t the bat fly during the day time?”


It is a few pages longer and has a larger vocabulary and more complex grammar and has all the features of the first book.  This one is supposed to be at a JLPT N5-N4 level.

It is good reading practice because it is fairly simple, and the translation of the text is nowhere to be found, so you can’t really cheat very easily.  I do wish there was a way to turn the furigana on and off, but you can’t have everything.

I prefer to do everything ただ (free!) but these books aren’t too expensive.  The bat book, for example, is $2.99.  Yeah, that might seem like a lot for a 9 page book, but you do get the audio and the flashcards as well, so I think it’s not too bad.

Find something to read, whatever it is, and read, read, read.



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