A New Book

And, we’re back.  During the past few days I’ve done a bunch of traveling, visited family and generally been pressed for time, but there’s always time for Japanese, right?


Well, a little, anyway.

I managed to get in my Cafetalk lesson in.  Last week was Chapter 46, so my top notch mathematical skills tell me that this week will be Chapter 47.  If I continue to do a chapter a week, which is mostly how it works out, I’ll finish the book by year’s end.  How cool is that?

I also managed to get my Memrise and Anki vocabulary done each day, but I can’t say that I got any quality study time in.  Still, at least I kept my head above water.

I also asked my Cafetalk tutor what we would do after we finished Minna No Nihongo, and she sent me a link to our next book:


Chuukyuu e okou – Nihongo no bunkei to hyogen 55 second edition.  It is “aimed at students that have completed a beginners textbook series like Minna no Nihongo and want to transition into intermediate Japanese smoothly” which would seem to describe me pretty well.  My tutor sent me a link to the book on Amazon Japan, but I ended up ordering it from White Rabbit Japan, which sells a lot of language learning stuff.  (I have also picked up a couple of there Graded Japanese Readers for iPad which are pretty cool.)  Oh, and White Rabbit also has an English language website.  Amazon.Jp is kind of complicated, and I didn’t want to send up accidentally ordering something I didn’t want.

The book (and accompanying cd) have to wend their way to me from Japan, which is way I went ahead and placed the order now.  I figured that way I would have it when I needed it.  The people at White Rabbit aren’t wasting any time, though.  I ordered the book on Friday, and now, on Monday, it’s already on its way to me.  Cool.

So, the moral of all this is:  don’t let a holiday or a vacation put a dent in your language study, right?  I have to admit that it’s easy for me, as I’m the only one in the family who is an early riser, so I can generally guarantee a little quiet time in the morning no matter where we happen to be, but you have to find a way to squeeze that study time  in regardless.

Consistency is incredibly important.  Most people that I’ve talked to who haven’t learned have failed because they tended to let their study slide for a day, or two or three or seven and then they had to catch back up, but that was a lot or work, so they let is slide another day or two, and, eventually, they had to start all over, but that’s really a lot of work…

So, if you can, study every day.  You might miss a day now and then.  You might even take a day off on purpose every now and then, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but daily study is the goal to shoot for.

I’ll let you know what the new book is like when I get it.



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