Chapter 46

I’m making arrangements so that the holiday season and consequent travel won’t interfere with my Japanese studies.  Yes, I really am that kind of nerd.  At the moment this means rescheduling a lesson and hoping for wifi somewhere.  It’ll all work out.

In the meantime, I am now starting Chapter 46 (of 50!) of みんなの日本語.  I don’t know what my Cafetalk tutor has in mind for after the book is done, but that’ll work out, too.

One of my lessons ran a bit long on conversation and a bit short on actually going over that week’s homework, so my tutor kindly offered to grade the homework for me on her own time.  When I got it back, my first glance at it was dismaying.  There were a lot of corrections.

Then it turned out to be not a lot of mistakes but the same mistake over and over again – the choice of particles.

Okay, not so bad.  Obviously, I want to get the particles right, but the at least I had all the other grammar in the lesson right.

Just before writing this post, I had to send my tutor a note asking to reschedule my lesson.  Now, obviously, writing a note to my Japanese tutor is a perfect time to actually practice Japanese, and I was pleased to discover that, with not much trouble at all, I was able to explain the situation and make the request.


I mean, すごい!

One of the tricks is to use Japanese as much as possible whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Even I you have to say the sentence 80% in English with a sprinkling of Japanese words, do it.  If I have to stick some English into the middle of an otherwise Japanese sentence, I’ll do that.  As long as I can get some Japanese in there, it’s good.

And, I have am biting the bullet:  I have printed out some hiragana practice sheets, and it’s time to start learning to write.  Let’s be honest, that sounds a bit tedious, but what do you do if you need to write something?  If you at least know hiragana, you might be able to get by, I suppose, so I’m starting with that.

Anybody else out there learning to write?  If so, any tips and tricks?

Aside from the obvious:  practice, practice, practice.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 46

  1. One trick I use when I stubble at writing one character is that I think about another word with the same character and then it usually comes up to my mind. For example, the other day I had a blank when writing メ. So I thought about another word, アメリカ and I had no problem writing this word even though it contains the katakana I was struggling with a couple of seconds before !


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