Step by Step

I am now in Chapter 44 of みんなの日本語, and Chapter 50 – the last chapter – is at least on the horizon.  I actually expect to finish the book before the year is out.  How cool is that?

I can think back to the time I was making my way through the first few chapters, and the book seemed enormous.  But, day by day, week by week, I have been making my way through it.  Really, it’s just like learning the Kanji way back in the beginning of this adventure.  Learn to recognize 2200 Kanji?!  Surely, that’s nuts!  That’ll take forever, won’t it?

The trick, for me at least, is to not worry about the last Kanji or the last chapter but to just get on with today’s assignment.  When you do that, one day you look up and realize that you’ve come a whole lot farther than you realized.

Look, I’m learning Japanese and having a great time doing it.  I want to to be low cost (preferably ただ (free!)) and low stress.  I’m not going to agonize about how long it takes me to reach this or that goal, because that’s not fun.

So, what’s on the table for this week?

-learning how to state that a particular state or action is excessive

I’ve been working too much lately…

-phrases which depict the easiness or difficulty of handling or doing something

A white shirt gets dirty easily…

-learning how to say that a person has changed the state of something

I am going to clean my room…

-expressing selection and or decision

I am going to vote for…

Lots of stuff, huh?  But, as it turns out, the first two, at least, are pretty easy.  I haven’t gotten around to working on the last two, but it’s only Tuesday, and my lesson isn’t until Saturday, so that’s okay.

I will say that Japanese is a remarkably precise language.  They have grammar points or different forms of words for more different situations that I would ever have guessed, but that’s part of the fun, right?





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