Japanese is fun whether it is or not!

For the last couple of weeks, Japanese has frustrated the $%$#@ out of me!

There.  I said it.  Chapters 38, 39 and 40 were just a great big pain in the backside.  I was so annoyed that I think my Cafetalk tutor might even have been worried I would give up.  Ha!  No chance of that!  I’ve put a lot of work and time into learning Japanese, I’m not about to give up just because some part of it was a little difficult for me.  Besides, I’m still having fun!

However, I am rather relieved to be on Chapter 41 because it is かんたん!  Hooray.

Basically, I am going to get dunked head first into some Japanese culture.

Some time ago I learned how to talk about giving, receiving, lending and borrowing.  This chapter is all about the same stuff and uses forms that I already learned, but now social standing is involved, so you have to use different words for give and for receive depending on the relative status (statuses?  stati?) of the persons involved.

In real life it might be difficult to come up with the right word at the right time (so just be extra  as polite so you don’t run the risk of giving offense, I suppose…) but as far as doing homework is concerned, where you have  time to think about it, I don’t suppose it will be very difficult.

Also, I’m working my way through a Japanese reader written in Kanji.  Basically, you get a section in kanji, followed by the same thing in roumaji followed by the s ame thing in English.

It isn’t precisely fascinating reading.  “We drink tea.  Linda drinks green tea.  David drinks black tea.  I drink black tea, too” but it periodically breaks out an unexpectedly complicated grammatical structure now and then, and it’s fun to be reading Japanese without the aid of furigana.  Also, since it isn’t keyed to the textbook that I’m using, unexpected vocabulary pops up, and when I can dredge the meaning of a kanji out of my brain, it definitely makes me feel good.

Remember, the farther along you are in your studies, the harder it is to give up.  You don’t want all that time and effort to have been wasted, right?  So don’t get frustrated when you hit a roadblock or a plateau.  Just hang in there and keep moving forward.

If I can do it, so can you.



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