Well, That Was A Week


Just in case you didn’t follow that, it says “This week, I learned many new words. For example: hurricane and flood.

Hurricane dropped a whopping 15 inches of rain on us in less than 24 hours with rather predictable results. In fact, even as I write this, nearly a week later, some of the rivers around here have yet to crest, so we’re not exactly having loads of fun.

However, I’m dry, I have power, the place I work is closed at the moment, so I have been studying Japanese. Hey, you have to do something to keep occupied, right?

The recent stuff I have studied has been a bit 複雑 (complicated – a word I have wanted to learn for quite some time) because it involves somewhat subtle shades of difference.

I still had power and wifi when it was time for my Cafetalk lesson (which was just as Matthew was really moving in on us), and my tutor and I talked about the difference between a ハリケーン and a 台風. (She said that a ハリケーン is stronger, in case you’re wondering.)

So this week I reviewed chapters 38, 39 and 40. So far, I have redone the 宿題 for 39 and 40, and I will probably redo the homework for 38 today, time permitting. As you might imagine, there are one or two other things that I need to get done as well.

I hope you are also warm and dry, where ever you may be.



2 thoughts on “Well, That Was A Week

  1. I think technically hurricanes and typhoons are the same thing, just in different locations (e.g., Caribbean vs North Pacific), but maybe there’s a broader distinction in Japanese?


    • I always thought they were the same, too, so I finally got around to looking it up. According to the NOAA website, they are exactly the same thing. They are both “tropical cyclones” which get their names based on geography.


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