Another Week, Another Japanese Lesson

Last week I had a good language exchange.  This one was mostly in Japanese.  My wife sat nearby and listened for a little while, and, later, she asked me, “Just how fluent are you?”

Well, I’m not.  That’s the short answer.  I have a long way to go.  Mind you, my Cafetalk tutor recently indicated that I should be signing up for the ‘intermediate’ lessons rather than the ‘beginner’ lesson now, so that’s cool.

While I was speaking during the language exchange, I felt like I was fumbling and pausing, sometimes repeating myself…but I guess it must have sounded better than that to my wife.  Of course, my wife doesn’t speak Japanese, so she may not be the best judge!

Last week I was walking toward the parking lot, wrapped up in my thoughts, when a guy I know walked past me and spoke to me in Japanese.  It was a simple greeting, but I was able to respond without thinking, and that was also pretty cool.

Every sign of progress is a great thing.

Learning Japanese has kind of become a habit now.  It is integrated into my week and into my day, and that really helps keep me moving along.

I suppose one day my wife will ask me how long I intend to study Japanese.

Well, until I am as good with Japanese as I am with English.

How’s that?



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