Cafetalk Shines Again

I meet with a Japanese tutor once a week via Skype, and this is all arranged (and paid for) through Cafetalk.  I have written before how I really got started on Cafetalk.  They were giving five free lessons to people who were willing to critique the lessons and write about it.  Given that I write a blog about learning Japanese, that made me a good candidate.

After my free lessons were over, I was so impressed with Cafetalk (and my tutor Makisan) that started purchasing the lessons.

The way Cafetalk works is that you buy points and then use the points to pay for lessons.

A few days ago, and for the first time, there was a glitch.  I purchased some points, the money was spent, but the purchased points didn’t show up in my point total on the website.  I waited a couple of days in to see it it would fix itself, but that didn’t happen.

Cafetalk has an online chat box.  I typed in a message and had a response with just a couple of minutes asking for more details.  I explained the problem, the person I was chatting with took a few minutes to check it out and then apologized and said it would be fixed and they would notify me by email.  I thanked them for the help and got another apology for the inconvenience.

Good customer service is priceless, and Cafetalk’s customer service is excellent.  I have been using it for nearly a year now, I think, and this is the first glitch I’ve ever encountered, and they acknowledged the mistake right away, ap0logized for it and are fixing it.

Very nice.

In short, Cafetalk is great.

And now, I have to get back to studying those passive verbs.



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