Don’t get me wrong:  I love Japanese.  It is a frustrating/fascinating language.

But I am not having a good day.

My mistake was a simple one:  I came to the office about an hour early with a plan.  I would  have an hour before anyone else arrived.  It would be quiet and peaceful and I would do some serious study.

And then someone else arrived early and wanted to talk.  And then a second person arrived early and wanted to talk.  And then a third person…

And the nice quite space turned into a loud and noisy space.  Friendly, but loud and noise, and all these people wanted to involve me in their discussions.

I was trying to do vocabulary through Memrise, and it was whole sentences instead of words, and I kept getting the sentences wrong because I would leave out a particle or put in the wrong particle, and I was getting more and more frustrated…

So the trick becomes how you fit your study in.  My method today didn’t work.  At least, not yet.  Unfortunately, the rest of my day is pretty booked up until fairly late this evening, and you know what that means…

It means staying up late to study Japanese.

Because I want to meet my daily study goals.

In fact, I am determined to meet my goal today, just out of stubbornness.




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