Slow Day

It has been a slow day today, largely due to the many hours of sleep that I didn’t get last night.  Still, I did manage to tackle some homework this morning.

This chapter is all about the magic word なりました which you can use to describe a change of state, real or prospective.

That is, you can use it in the sense of “I sure can speak Japanese better now than I did before,” but you can also use it in the sense of, “If you study hard, you can learn to speak Japanese.”  In the first case, the change of state is something that has happened, but, in the second case, it has not happened, but it is a goal that you can reach.

That seems fairly straightforward…but it seems to be getting more and more complicated as I go.

One of the homework exercises is to look at pictures (someone talking, someone walking, someone riding a bike, etc) and to state at what age you learned how to do those things.  That’s a change of state – going from a lack of ability to having the ability, so…なりました。

Then I some negatives.  You went to Japanese.  What were some things you were unable to do while you were there.  Yeah…that isn’t really a change of state, is it?  But, still, なりました.

Well, if I wanted it to make sense, I wouldn’t be studying Japanese…even though Makisan, my Cafetalk tutor, insists that Japanese is かんたん.  And, let’s be honest, sometimes it is.

This just doesn’t happen to be one of those times.

Still, it’s fun.  Mind you, part of the lack of かんたんness (yes, I know, I know…) just might be connected to my lack of sleep.

If I wasn’t so tired, I would try to figure it out.




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