So, that last bit of Japanese that I wrote…sucks…I worked that fact out on my own.  I probably should have known better than to try and combine two different verb forms without ever having been instructed how to do it.

Oh, and my homework from the past week…also sucks.  Now, my Japanese tutor on Cafetalk didn’t phrase it that way.  Instead, she told me it was まあまあ (so-so) because she was being polite.  It was in in fact, terrible.

Well, that’s all right.  I’m going to look over her corrections, then I’m going to redo it from start to finish, then I’m going to compare my new answers to the old ones and see how I did.  She didn’t ask me to do that, but I’m going to.

Well, it’s frustrating and kind of depressing, but that’s all right.  I already knew I wasn’t perfect, so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me!

Back to work.




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