And That’s an Order…Kind of…

As far as Japanese goes, this week has been as good as last week was bad.  I actually have time to sit down for a couple of hours straight to study uninterrupted.  Unheard of!  I have to admit, that’s a lot better than doing it in bits and pieces throughout the day.  (But, if the bits and pieces are all you have, as is usually the case with me, go for it!)

Last week was all about degrees of certainty.  This will definitely happen.  That might happen.  The other thing is…well…possible…

This week is all about imperatives – command forms and (this being Japanese, after all) why you should almost never use them.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Tacked on to the end of the chapter in imperatives…just because, I guess…is a section on how to relay:

-what someone said as a quote (review material)

-the gist of what someone said without actually quoting them

-a polite (Japanese!) request that someone pass on a message

In meantime, I’m still working on Toby in Tokyo, which is a lot of fun.

Yes, this is how I spend my time off.  What did you expect?  I break my brain trying to cram Japanese study into a crowded work week and then, when I get some time off…I study more.  Of course!

In fact, today I will finish off this weeks homework and start a review of potential forms (as in “I can speak Japanese…”) and informal volitional forms (as in “Let’s speak Japanese…”

And, yes, I actually am having fun!



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