Narrating My Life

My game today is this:  when I go to do something, I have to say it in Japanese before I can do it, even if that means having to look words up in the dictionary.  (There are some obvious work related exceptions where time is an issue.)

To be honest, this hasn’t always been as difficult as I expected, at least so far.  I have been able to dredge some strange words up from the murky depths of my mind.  For example, before I sat down to write this, the phrase ブログを書きます floated through my brain.  I didn’t even realize that I knew the word ブログ!

I was going to cheat earlier today and make do with 日本語を勉強します (I am going to study Japanese), but my brain surprised me with 他動詞と自動詞を勉強します (I am going to study transitive and intransitive verbs)!  Whew!  Nice.

My resolve was brought into question this morning, though, when, in the middle of my shower (シャワー浴びます!), I was going to wash my hair and got stumped…so, was I going to get out, dry off, grab a dictionary or just say, “Ah, forget it” and wash my hair?  I wrestled with the idea for a moment before 洗います finally came into my mind.  (Just so you know, I would have gone with the “Ah, forget it” option if it had come down to it.)

Also, I have to admit that, in the press of the recent events, I have kind of let Anki slide, so I had 175 cards waiting for me yesterday, which I polished off and added 12 new ones.  Then I had 176 waiting for me this morning.  I got 150 of them done over breakfast.

Just as a reminder, I am using the Nihongshark core vocabulary deck, which gives you the isolated word in Kanji along with good audio on the front and the word in Kanji and Kanji on the back along with the definition and a picture to help it stick.  For every ‘word’ card there is also a ‘sentence card’.  The sentences range from short to long, present tense, past tense, formal, informal, all kinds of things.  It’s a goldmine of stuff.

In addition, I’m studying verb pairs and finishing up Chapter 30 in みんなの日本語, reviewing vocabulary with Memrise and starting the Chapter 31 vocabulary.  And, let us not forget, Satori Reader.

Did I mention that my wife and daughter are out of town this week, so I have lots of free time?

Yeah.  Might as well use that time wisely, right?



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