Ah, here we are…

Lately, a friend has taken to telling people that I can speak Japanese.

That’s a bit premature.  I’m learning Japanese, certainly, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go just yet.

This past weekend I had my usual chat with Takesan, my language exchange partner, and that’s one place that I’ve been able to see some improvement.  When I first started talking with him, I could understand very little of what he said and say even less of what I wanted to say.  Now, we have whole chunks of conversation (that’s the technical term, right?  Chunks of conversation?) entirely in Japanese and I can (sometimes!) hold my own.  My Japanese is often not flowing and easy, but I can get by.  That’s very cool.

Last week was all about reviewing.  (先週は復習しました。)  I had to work in that last word.  I just learned it this morning, and it’s such a useful word right now.  今週30課を勉強します。This week, I am studying chapter 30 which is actually about even more of the て-form.  Good grief, the て-form has more uses than the best swiss army knife you’ve ever seen.  For example, in that last sentence I could have said 今週30課勉強しています to make the present progressive, right?

Anyway, I haven’t been posting much of late, but I’m still studying.  Lots of vocabulary terms which are distressingly similar in meaning but not quite interchangeable.  That sort of thing is always tough.  At the end of this week, I will be 3/5 of the way through these two books.

I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing after I finish the two books, but there’s plenty of time left to figure that out!



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