Typing Small Letters in Japanese.AHA!

I assume that anyone who is interested enough in Japanese to be reading this stuff already knows how to type in Japanese.  I use Microsoft IME.  There are a zillion website out there that explain how to do it, and you can easily look it up.

Using Memrise for my vocabulary studies has been great, except for a couple of words that I just could not figure out how to type.

The small つ is fine.  If you turn on IME and simply type double letters, it will put the small つ in automatically.

So, for example, if you type  k i p p u  you get きっぷ just like that.

What was killing me, though, was words like パーティー which has a small イ in it.

If you type  p a – t i –  you get パーチー which is frustratingly wrong, as Memrise will not hesitate to tell you.

If you look carefully at  パーティー  and type  p a – t e i –  you get パーテイー which, at first glance, might look right until Memrise tells you that it’s WRONG and you realize that the イ is full sized instead of small.

So, just in case you’ve been running into this same problem, what you have to type is p a – t e x i – and, like magic, you get パーティー, just like it’s supposed to be.

Yep.  Just add an x before the character and it comes out small.  Now words like パーティー and ボランティア are suddenly less frustrating.

Would anyone like to ボランティア to hold a パーティー ?




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