It was only this morning when it hit me how routine my language studies had become, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

For example, I get up, I eat breakfast and I study, all before work.  I hit vocabulary reviews first.  After that, it depends on what’s going on.  Early in the week it is new vocabulary.  Around the middle of the week it is new grammar and homework.

Lunchtime, it is more vocabulary and/or grammar while eating.

In the evening, at home, it all depends on what’s going on.  If studying happens to fit in, okay.  If not, also okay.  Usually there is a little vocabulary review.

And, in the midst of all that, throw in a little talking to myself in Japanese.

The morning and lunchtime studies have become so much a part of my day that it isn’t really work.  It is just automatic habit.  It really only hit me this morning, as I was kind of planning out my day and automatically blocked out that study time in my mind.

Making your studies a habitual part of your day is a great thing.  I don’t have to find time to study.  It is already there, like having a regularly scheduled class.  This means that it (nearly!) always gets done, and I’m not scrambling to fit it in.

Make studying a habit.  Consistent.  Regular.  Daily.  Then you learn.



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