Satori Reader

About a month ago, rold2007 mentioned that Satori Reader was a good website.  I checked it out and signed up to be a beta tester.  Yesterday, I got my access code and logged in for the first time.


This is an amazing website put out by the makers of the outstanding Human Japanese.

Here’s what it is:  stuff to read, but it is oh, so much more.

There are newspaper articles, journal entries, an ongoing story…various things.  They are currently classified as “easier” or “harder”, with some items available in both levels.

When you sign up, you get asked various questions to determine your level, including how much Kanji you know.

Then, when you click on an article, you have various options.  The article can be in Kana or Kanji.  If it is in Kanji, you can have no furigana, furigana on everything, furigana only on the Kanji you probably don’t know.

When you click on a word, you get the definition and reading for that word and an option to add it to your review list.  (More on that later!)  You can click on a button for each sentence to get the meaning of that sentence.  You can click on a button for each sentence to hear that sentence read aloud by a native speaker.  (This is the same female voice that you hear in Human Japanese, at least on the article that I read.)  You can click on a button to hear the whole article read aloud, as well.

The review feature is spaced repetition.  For each word you get the English and you have to come up with the Japanese and you get the Japanese and have to come up with the English.  You get to select whether you missed it or it was hard, medium or easy, and when you see it next depends on how you answer that question (rather like in Anki). During review, it will also show you the context in which you encountered the word.

Also, you can export your list of words to Anki, to Memrise among other places with just a click.

If you want reading practice, listening practice, Kanji study, spaced repetition review…this site has it all.

And it’s still in beta!  Who knows how they will tweak it when they are ready to roll it our for real!

I used it last night and got so hooked that I stayed up later than I should have, and I will be back at it today.  I have to fit this site into my study.  It is just too cool not to use!





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