My Day 日本語で

I would absolutely still call myself a beginner in Japanese, but here is an attempt to describe  my day.  Since I am writing this midmorning, part of it is in the past tense and part of it is in the nonpast (which means, of course, present or future).  It is written in the plain form largely because I’m really working on learning how to do that, and it is more difficult than the polite form.

Also, I kind of wandered off topic there at the end, but that’s okay.  If I get time later on, I will post a line-by-line translation as I usually do so you can see what I was attempting to say.

Because I am still a beginner, I make no claims of accuracy or grammatical correctness, but I at least hope that the meaning is clear. So, here we go:


今朝、七時に起きた。デイジーちゃん (私の犬)は外にでた。シャワーあびて、服を着てして、朝ごはんを食べた。ごみを出して。車で仕事へ行った。微生物学の教師だ。今日は試験があります。学生は試験を受けろ。そして私は日本語を勉強します。それから帰って、昼ごはんを食べます。それからクラスを教える。仕事のあとで自転車に乗る。今日はかなり暑い。走るの後で晩御飯を作る。妻とテレビを見ます。




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