Getting Caught Up

This is what you get when you take three days off from studying Japanese:  175 words on Anki and over 200 words on Memrise waiting for review.  This doesn’t count learning new words for the next chapter, either.

Somehow, my wife objected to me studying while we were on a romantic getaway together.  Can you imagine?

The goal now is to get my vocabulary caught back up and to finish the current chapter (last week’s chapter, since I got stuck on two of the homework exercises) of Minna no Nihongo.  If I get started on the next chapter, fine.  If I don’t get started on the next chapter, also fine.  It can wait until next week if it needs to.

See what happens when you skip a few days?  This is why skipping a few days is generally a very bad idea.  (Mind you, keeping your wife happy is a very good idea!  Also, romantic getaways are fun.  I regret nothing!)  You find yourself at the bottom of a big hill that you have to climb just to get back to where you were before the break.

The plan today is to tackle vocabulary over lunchtime.  If I can carve out some extra time tonight, that will be more vocabulary and also reading over some grammar.

Don’t dig yourself into a hole.  It’s too much trouble to get out!

No blogging until I get caught back up.



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