Coming Up…

Whew!  This week has been a lesson in juggling priorities.  Work is ridiculously busy.  Home life is almost equally busy, so Japanese has had to take something of a back seat, but this is where willpower has to come to the forefront.  I’m tired.  It’s 8:00 at night.  What do I choose to do?  Answer: study a little Japanese, of course.

The first chapter of みんなの日本語 2 (!) is…a little difficult.

This is about -んです which is used:

  1. When the speaker guesses the reason or the cause as to what he has seen or heard and then confirms whether he is correct.
  2. When the speaker asks for information about what he has seen or heard.
  3. When the speaker asks the listener to explain the reason or the cause of what he has seen or heard.
  4. When asking for the explanation of a situation.
  5. When stating the reason or the cause in answer to such questions as (3) and (4)
  6. When the speaker adds the reason or cause to what he has stated.
  7. When introducing a topic, followed by a request, an invitation, or an expression seeking permission.


Oh, yeah, and there are some other unrelated grammatical structures after that in the same chapter.

I don’t think I’ll be doing all of this chapter this week…but we’ll see.  I’m just doing my usual thing and digging into to it.  We’ll see how much I have in my head by my next lesson, which, this week, isn’t until Saturday morning.

That’s plenty of time.

Isn’t it?


I’ve found a couple of new websites that might be useful, but I need to actually get some time to really look at them.   Maybe next week…



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