Not so Bad, Not so Good

I did my comprehensive final exam after finishing Minna no Nihongo 1 and scored an 84%.  Well, that’s okay.  It’s not great, but it’s okay.  I aced all the particle questions, but I had some trouble with inflections.

On the verb conjugation questions – put the verb in the correct form for the sentence – I only got 19 out of 25 right.  That’s not good.  i-adjectives, 8 out of 10 right, na-adjectives, 6 out of 8 right.  So-s0.

So, there it is.  Not so bad, but not so good, either.

My tutor sent it back to me with the mistakes marked, and now I have to fix them.  Or, as he very kindly put it, “Please think again”, so I’m going to think again and see if I can fix all of my mistakes.


Oh, I have looked over most of my errors.  One sentence I simply misread.  4 more I got wrong because I didn’t pay attention to words like 去年 (last year) and 昨日 (yesterday) which clearly indicate that the verb should be past tense.  Well, that was carelessness, not lack of knowledge.  That’s something, anyway.  I’m not sure what, but something.




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