Stepping Up

So, it’s time for me to step up my game.

You might be asking how I can do that.  I was actually kind of asking myself the same question, but my mouth found a way without stopping to ask my brain first.

I finished みんなの日本語1 this week, and my Cafetalk tutor, so next week I start みんなの日本語2.  I have the grammar book and the exercise book.  Makisan looked at me very seriously and told me that Book 2 is hard.  She also told me that I should expect it go slower.  That’s okay.  that’s obviously a really good thing…it will let me find out what I know and what I need to review again.

Oh, and, guess what, there’s a comprehensive final exam after book 1.  Woohoo?  Makisan told me to go ahead and do it and then send it to her and she’ll grade it.

That’s when my mouth got me in trouble.

“So,” I found myself saying, “As soon as we start book 2, I don’t want either of us to use any English at all during the lessons.”

Oh, boy.

Well, that ought to both step up my game and slow me down, don’t you think?







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