Easy Reading – My Plans





今日は寒くて強風だ。- It is windy and cold today.  And it is, too.

昼友達と自転車に乗る。 – This afternoon, I’m going for a bike ride with some friends.

風が好きじゃない。 – I don’t like the wind.  Look at me getting all casual with じゃない there.

でも友たちと載ることがとてもいい。- But riding with friends is very good.  This is a big step for me – and I hope I did it right – nominalizing a verb.  That’s just a fancy of way of saying that I used a verb (乗る) as a noun.  I did this by adding こと to the verb.  This is a thing I do in English all the time, so I’m trying to get the hang of it in Japanese.

今週休む。- Next week I am off work.  Yeehah!

自転車に乗る。- I will ride my bike.

日本語を勉強する。- I will study Japanese.

アイリッシュフルートを練習する。旅行しない。- I will practice the Irish flute.  Which, by the way, I am not very good at playing.  Yet.

来週友達は日本から買える. – Next week, a friend of mine if coming back from Japan.  And the “of mine” isn’t in the sentence, but it’s implied.

彼の休暇は私よりも優れている!- His vacation is better than mine!  Well, yeah.



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