What’s On Your Device?

My primary tool for studying Japanese is the computer.  It would be great if I lived close to a Japanese speaking population.  Heck, I’m not picky.  Even being friends with a single Japanese speaking family would be outstanding.  But that isn’t how it is.

Mostly, I do my studying with a tablet, and I was looking at what was on it the other day and thinking that anyone else could look at it and see what I’m in to.

Here’s the Japanese related stuff:

Human Japanese

Human Japanese Intermediate

Sticky Study

Sticky Study Kana

Dropbox (used for getting Japanese language files from my tutor)


Innovative (The app for Japanesepod101)


Skype (I only use it for Japanese lessons and language exchanges)

Tunein Radio (I use it for listening to Japanese stations)

Yeah, I have some other stuff on there too., but I’m only listing here the things that are Japanese related.

So, what am I missing?  Any great Japanese language apps out there I (and anyone who happens to read this) should know about?







4 thoughts on “What’s On Your Device?

  1. Get imiwa. I use it every day. It’s a fantastic (and ただ!) Japanese dictionary. You don’t need an internet connection to use it, even. It might be my favourite app.


    • Thanks for the suggestions. I have added the websites, enabled comments, and signed up for Satori Reader!


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