Reading Out Loud And Surviving

Today was the big scary day – the day I had to stand up in church and read a passage out loud in Japanese.  My great comfort was the belief that nobody in the congregation speaks Japanese, and I have no reason to alter that belief after the fact.

Here’s a quick summary:

They gave me a bible passage to translate and read out loud.

I panicked.

Makisan, my Cafetalk tutor got a Japanese bible and wrote out the passage for me in both Kanji and romaji.  I used the romaji because I figured my brain was going to seize up from pure terror and I wouldn’t be able to read the Kanji in the heat of the moment.

I practiced and practiced and practiced by myself.  Then I practiced with Makisan via Skype.  Then I practiced by myself some more.

The I got up in front of a crowd of people, the panic dropped away, and I read out loud.

Afterwards, the most common comment was this:  What language was that you were reading? 

So, here’s the question:  are they that unfamiliar with Japanese, or are they just that unfamiliar with Japanese as it comes out of my mouth?  I’m going with option one, because I also got this comment:  My niece has been studying Japanese for three yearsMaybe the next time she comes to visit you two can have a conversation.

Well, we’ll see.

Anyway, I survived, but the credit really goes to Makisan for getting me the translation and rehearsing me. Without her help, I would have done very very badly.

Of course, there is a downside to doing well…they may want me to do it again at some point in the future.

Oh, well.  I am going to review some particles now.  で and に are suddenly giving me a little trouble.  I thought I had them down, but…no.

That’s Japanese for you.




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