The Journey So Far

I didn’t finish chapter 24 this week because I simply couldn’t make heads or tails out of some of the homework, so I’ll be finishing that in the upcoming week.  However, I am already hitting the vocabulary for Chapter 25 (the last chapter in book one!).  I also need to some reviewing, so I will probably be printing out lots of grammar notes to go over.

I am also making use of Human Japanese Intermediate.  I think I did a review of Human Japanese a long time back, and a reader brought it back to my attention recently.  I hope they’re working on Human Japanese Advanced!

If you aren’t familiar with it, Human Japanese is an electronic textbook.  Here’s part of the blurb from their website:

We don’t mass produce language learning apps. Instead, we focus on what we know—and that’s how to break down the Japanese language in a crystal-clear, humorous, and engaging way. We believe that you’ll go the furthest with any language, but especially one as different as Japanese is from English, if you understand the nuts-and-bolts, the way the pieces fit together.

Our goal is to present potentially tricky topics in a way that just makes sense, leading you from one “light bulb moment” to the next, using a narrative approach that interweaves conversation, reading, writing, vocabulary, culture, and most of all, tons and tons of interactive examples to keep you fully engaged with all facets of the language.

That’s a very accurate description of the product.  A lot of the things that I have learned in the last few months from みんなの日本語 are covered in HJ Intermediate, so I am finally going through it as a form of review.  They aren’t exaggerating when they say “crystal-clear, humorous and engaging way”.

Since I am using it for review, I’m not going through all of the chapters, and I’m not doing all of the quizzes, but I’m getting a good refresher on some things.  HJ really does have the best explanations of grammar points that I have ever seen anywhere.

So, sometime in the next week or two, I will finish みんなの日本語 1 and be ready to move on to book 2!  すごい!

I hope that  your personal Japanese language journey is going well.

It isn’t a race.  There are plenty of people farther along the road than I am and some people at an earlier point in their journey, but we’re all on the same road, helping each other out with hints and tips.

Just keep moving, that’s all.



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