Kanji Hybrid Times

Makisan, my Cafetalk tutor, told me about this. She learned about it from another of her students.

This may be the strangest online newspaper that I’ve ever seen.  Here is the overview from the website:

Do you wish to learn to read in Japanese? Master Kanji characters now. If you can read: ⭐tar and ☔mbrella, then you can read:tar and 傘mbrella. 漢anji 字haracters and the 英nglish 語anguage are so 美eautiful. Click on www.kanjihybrid.com and see why KanjiHybrid is the world’s easiest yet the most effective learning system. Join the ranks of Kanji-literate persons.

Now, on the website, if you point your mouse at a Kanji character, a dialog box opens up that gives you meaning(s), reading(s), radical, chinese and an animation showing the stroke pattern.

Quite a lot, eh?

Of course, it’s a newspaper, so there are lots of news stories written in the above style.  From a hasty glance, I would say that the stories will give you some insight into Japan and Japanese culture.

Here are some of the titles:

Japan eyes deal to lease MSDF aircraft to Philippines from May

Is there life after relocation?  The future of Tsukiji Fish Market


Tourism board wants foreign visitors to aboid ‘public flatulence’

Yes, really.  Here’s how the story begins:

TOKYO A Japanese tourism board has called on 外oreign tourists to 控efrain from 公ublic 噫elching or flatulence” in an 礼tiquette 案uide which was 速astily rewritten, 報eportedly 後fter 訴omplaints from a 華hinese 住esident.

The Hokkaido Tourism Organization 刊ublished a downloadable brochure on its website, with 敬olite 指nstructions on 全very 物hing from 公ublic 湯athing to 使sing a Japanese 廁oilet.

I noticed they don’t give you the Kanji for flatulence in this story…

Is this a good way to learn the Kanji?  I don’t know.  I hope someone will give it a try and tell us if it works for them.  It’s an interesting idea, anyway, and some of the stories might be good to read just for the peek into Japan that they give you.






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