Yep.  Chapter 24 this week.  In fact, my lesson is tomorrow.  For those of you who are keeping count, there are only 25 chapters in book 1 of みんなの日本語, so next week will finish off the book.

Sort of.

What I mean is, I surely don’t have everything I have studied right at my mental fingertips, so, before I dig into book 2 (!) I think I’ll spend a week reviewing key points.

One of the good things about using a book is also one of the bad things about using a book.  Basically, you have a built in odometer that tells you how far you’ve come.  Every chapter that you’ve finished is like a mile marker along the way.  That’s good.  This can mean, however, that you begin using those chapter numbers as a sign of progress – Hey, I’m on Chapter 24 now! – and that can be bad because you can hurry through chapter just to make good time and end up not knowing the information the chapter contains.  That’s definitely bad.

So, review book 1 before moving on to book 2.

Right now, though, I’ve got some homework to get done before my lesson, and I also need to practice my reading out loud assignment.  That is still a terrifying concept.



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